Op zoek naar een groene wand of een scheidingspaneel voor een event, beurs of pop-up? Wij hebben steeds verschillende groenwanden te huur: Wheels© Maak een keuze tussen onze dubbelzijdige mos-dividers (Mos-montage systeem) of onze mobiele planten-wanden (Wheels). Wil je graag een grotere wand? Combineer en koppel dan gewoon verschillende units. De samenstelling van de mos-dividers kan je bovendien zelf bepalen. We bieden zo'n 10 verschillende invullingen aan.

Wheels © – Moss assembly

(moss wall to be assembled single or double sided)


Wheels is a new concept from NADA and Mosmuur, a maintenance-free and mobile room divider for your office or home. The self-assembled panels absorb and absorb noise, regulate the indoor climate and natural colors and shapes, ensuring a productive, calming (working) environment. They are attached to the divider with a handy click system and are therefore interchangeable.


Wheels © Mos Room dividers are available in 2 different basic models or 122 cm wide, one of which is 182 cm high and the other 122 cm high. The large, double-sided model is available for rent. You can choose to cover the wall single-sided or double-sided, depending on the use and visibility in the room. Furthermore, multiple dividers can be connected to each other with Quick Connectors to form a whole.

All types of moss or natural materials are possible for the 60x60cm or 120x60cm panels


– Reindeer moss – Available in 8 green colors
– Modern moss – Mix of green reindeer moss
– Bulb moss or cushion moss – For a forest feeling
– Natural – Mix of different green mosses
– Urban Nature – Moss wall with accents and leaves
– Urban Jungle – For a rainwood effect


– Polystone mountain gray or prairy brown
– Bark
– Upcycled coconut


Don’t be a DICK, give your office a green kick!

Rental rates


2 days single sided 188 cm high: € 249
2 days double sided 188 cm high: € 399

Extra day possible at € 75 per day – 1 hour accrual


All prices excl. VAT – Guarantee: € 750
Limited availability, book well in advance

Prices for collection in Antwerp, delivery is possible.


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Wheels © – Living Wall system


Divider with air-purifying plants, available single or double-sided.


Our green walls absorb sound and are a real eye-catcher for your working environment. A choice can be made from a wide range of plants, for offices we recommend our breathing wall systems with air-purifying plants. Our vertical walls have a unique irrigation system that makes regular maintenance unnecessary. If the right light is present, every plant can grow in this living green wall.


The system consists of wall panels in various sizes that are secured against a mobile support structure. The plant trays or cassettes are mounted in these panels in which the plants are secured. Each tray has a water basin and is connected to the lower or upper tray, so fresh water can flow from top to bottom, watering is only necessary once a month.

Wheels © – The movable Living Wall


This planted Room Divider is a flexible system that can be used as a room divider, (mobile) partition wall or wall decoration.


  • Available with single-sided or double-sided planting
  • 104 x 57 x 170 cm – with or without wheels and white base plate

  • The ideal solution for spaces that need to be flexibly arranged or for privacy in landscape offices
  • The system consists of the same elements as the classic Living Wall or Breathing Wall
  • System consists of ordinary earth plants that can be bought everywhere.
  • On request we make a selection from the ‘Breathing Wall’ collection.
  • Very easy to install and maintain
  • Very large green impact – high eye-catcher content
  • Nice finish and cover – no technology or system visible


Pour once a month, enjoy throughout the month.

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Rental rates


2 days single-sided 170 cm high: € 249
2 days double-sided 170 cm high: € 399

Extra day possible at € 75 per day – construction 2 hours


All prices excl. VAT – Guarantee: € 1000
Limited availability, book well in advance