Reindeer moss

Reindeer moss, Cladonia Stellaris, has a lot of small geegular branches and a very soft, sloping appearance. A frame or wall in this moss resembles a forest landscape from above, with tops in different shapes. These branched structures make the moss ideal as an acoustic panel - sound waves are completely absorbed. The most bright colour is the apple-green reindeer moss, coloured with natural pigments. A more natural variant is the forest green, this is the most chosen shade in reindeer moss because of its fresh green colour and beautiful even, cushion-shaped tops.



In a modern space or a building with mostly hard materials such as stone and concrete, a wall in reindeer moss is ideal. We offer two types: 100% reindeer moss – a moss wall in a colour of your choice or a mix of several colors, also feasible in a gradual transition between multiple colours.


  • Acoustic panel 
  • A fresh and clean end result 
  • Little or no height differences 
  • Very tight delineation possible without frame 
  • Mosses repel dirt and muffle sound 
  • Available in 30 colors and 6 shades of green 
  • Mosses are a unique eye-catcher 
  • Reindeer moss is not flammable 
  • Custom design is perfectly possible 

Make every space attractive to visitors or residents by placing a reindeer moss wall. The contact with nature, the beautiful shapes and the green colour have a positive effect on our mood. Everyone feels better in a natural environment. Enjoy some of our favorite realizations in reindeer moss at various locations. More examples can be found in our projects. 


Reindeer moss is available in 8 standard shades of green: Moss green, Forest green, Mid green, Grass green, Apple green, Mint green, Old green and Bright grass green. However, there are about twenty other colours, even black, white and copper are available. For more colours, ask our representative for a colour card or some samples.