MossBox© – MossFence©

In 2019, together with set up a partnership with the Ghent based company ECCO and developed the MOSSFENCE© and MOSSBOX © room dividers with an industrial look: the ideal acoustic panels and a green statement. The boxes are available in two versions and 4 standard sizes - each with a depth of 15cm - they can also be connected together for a longer wall. The boxes are always beautifully green and visible from both sides. There is no production time, the units are available from stock and are delivered as DIY packages. You can assemble them yourself in no time, set them up and fill them with moss in a colour of your choice or ask a fresh mix.





Ideal for green walls at events or fairs. Our units can also be rented and can be provided with LED strips or magnetic logos and letters. Upgrading to a jungle wall is also one of the possibilities. The smaller panels can be hung on a few eyelets and used as a moss frame or painting. No maintenance or light is needed. Optionally with wheels / movable. 


We have two types: the Mossbox with aluminium frame (without feet, slides into each other) and the Mossfence on feet you can mount with our manual. Length is always two meters, height 60cm, 90cm, 140cm and 190cm. Attention: the largest models cannot be moved after building up. In this case a mobile version on swivel wheels is advised.



  • No production time, available from stock 
  • No need for any kind of maintenance, ideal for those who want green without worries 
  • You can do this yourself and have it delivered or ask us to this for you. 
  • Quick to assemble or disassemble, easy to store and reuse
  • Price – quality a very interesting option, 30% cheaper than a double side moss wall
  • Immediately a full and green effect, unique eye-catcher by contrast between hard metal and soft moss 
  • Many options, lighting or wheels, to use as a separate divider, moss frame, soundscape, pop-up wall 
  • Ideal whispering wall, no better acoustic panel on the market