DIY Moss – make your own moss panel

Do you want to make your own moss wall or moss frame? At Mosmuur and NADA you can find all accessories, moss in boxes or bulk packaging, glue or resin, stabilized plants and custom-made carpentry. Get your green fingers out and create a moss wall and make your interior greener with a personal moss artwork or a unique moss wall. We will be happy to help you calculate the necessary materials and additional explanations or a manual.

DIY moss painting or moss wall


Bring out the artist inside you and make yourself a green eye-catcher! 



Would you like to make your own moss frame or moss wall? This is possible! Look for a frame or frame with a wooden plate or saw a panel to the desired size. You can also order a frame made to measure. Then choose the desired composition and draw your design on the plate. We sell different types of moss with a high quality and long lifespan. Choose from bulbous moss, flat moss, reindeer moss and possibly add wood, bark or stabilized plants. You clean the moss, select it and then glue it horizontally to the panel. Press the plants firmly so that they are close together for a smooth effect. For a square meter you need about 10-12 kg of moss. It will take you about 6 hours, so make sure you have enough time. The moss panel should dry horizontally for about 3 days after gluing. After that you can hang the artwork and enjoy your own creation. See all types on the right. 





You can go the NADA shop for a selection of smaller moss boxes of 500gr.
Bulk moss boxes (3kg boxeswith two layers of moss) are available on order.
Collection in Kontich is also possible.


Prices moss and glue

Premium quality moss

500gr box reindeer moss : 19,95€

3kg box reindeer moss: 60€ 

Box of ball moss or flat moss : € 39,95

Basic quality moss

5kg box reindeermoss 20€

For big order specials prices are applicable


1l bottle : 10€ 

5l bucket: 25€

25l bucket: 99€ 


Bolmos of kussentjesmos