A short answer to the most frequently asked questions about moss!

The most frequently asked questions about our products and services are answered for you

Do moss walls remain soft?


Moss walls are permanently elastic and soft. At a low humidity (less than 30%) the moss becomes drier and more vulnerable to damage. In case of extreme drought, the moss can become lighter in color. In the event of an increase in humidity, the moss absorbs moisture and becomes soft again. Any color loss is then restored in a natural way.


What about maintenance?


Because of their treatment with biopolymer, the plants are ‘hibernating’, so that the wall no longer needs light, water or maintenance and the plants stay green and lively forever.


Do I have a guarantee?


A guarantee of 2 years is offered on the moss walls, starting from the date of completion of the project. Warranty content: Mosmuur guarantees the colors and firmness of the mosses during normal exposure of the moss wall at the proposed installation site for a period of 5 years from the date of the installation. If this were not the case, the seller will do the necessary repairs free of charge within a reasonable period of time. At the request of the customer, certificates for fire safety, MSDS sheets etc. are issued at the request of the customer.


Can I mount or place the frame myself?


Yes, this is perfectly possible. We are happy to provide more information for collection and for larger panels included in an assembly schedule. Would you like a specific suspension system or wall fittings? Ask about the possibilities when ordering.


What options are there for the finish?


We make everything tailor-made and like to collaborate with the customer. We have numerous lists (wood, white, black, metal), in color or thickness of choice. Another nice option is to work without a frame, the edges are also finished in moss. Prices can be found in our moscalculator.


How sturdy is a moss wall?


Moss has a high cuddliness factor but is prone to crop damage or touch. With larger walls we therefore always provide a plinth at the bottom of the mosswork.


What about smells at the start?


The moss naturally smells. Depending on the surface, this will be a period of time after the placement. The smell gradually decreases for a few weeks and is completely harmless. Good ventilation speeds up this process.


What is the exact delivery time?


Our production and delivery time partly depends on the availability of the moss, on average about 4-6 weeks.


Is the moss even?


Moss is a natural product, resulting in natural structure and color differences.


Can I place my frame outdoors in the summer?


Reindeer moss is not suitable for outdoor use; rain / hail / wind / snow can cause damage. Sheltered under a roof, however, there is no problem. Do you want a moss wall outside? Then go for our outdoor variant. This moss wall can withstand rain and moisture and temperature fluctuations.


Which variations are there?


There are many possible uses: moss is suitable for covering walls (possibly with a logo, motifs, planting, natural elements, bark or branches), columns or columns, ceilings, mobile partitions, as green painting etc. Look for more inspiration at the projects and realizations.