Thanks to our acoustic wood panels and frames, your space, home or office is transformed into an oasis of peace! After all, a Mospaneel is the ideal whispering wall and a natural solution against a disturbing echo or reverberation.

The mouse-silent moss concept

Why choose an acoustic moss wall?


A disturbing resonance or reverberation is often a very annoying but invisible presence in a room or space. An echo or sound reflection can easily move through bare walls or ceilings. In modern architecture building materials that contribute to this problem are unfortunately being used more and more often. In a working or living environment optimal acoustics are important for productivity and comfort. In a noisy restaurant for instance, guests will stay shorter than in a serene space. It has been proven that employees experience less stress and distraction when activities take place in silence and employees are therefore more productive in a quiet and green environment.


Mospanels are an ideal solution in this situation.

Ask our sound engineer for measurements

Mosmuur has developed various types of acoustic mospanels that can be used in offices, in a residence or at events.


Let us advise you on the suitable whispering wall for your personal situation.


The ‘Modern Moss’ or reindeer moss panel has an NRC value of 0.95 and is therefore the optimal whisper wall. For a more aesthetic effect we offer the ‘Naturel’ panel which combines multiple types of moss and with an NRC value of 0.84 and is still very effective. The ‘Urban Jungle’ wall, like the ‘Forest’ variant, provides more relief and dynamics in the room because, in addition to moss, other natural elements are also incorporated into the wall. This wall has an NRC value of 0.76, making it very suitable for catering or restaurants, larger spaces or historic buildings with higher ceilings.


If your budget allows this – our ‘Atmossphere’ concept – with undulating 3D moss structures is the best solution. These panels absorb all disturbing noises in a room and can also be provided with an air purification installation inside.


Our competent team can provide the perfect whispering wall for your needs.


If you have doubts about the effectiveness of our acoustic panels our local sound engineer can carry out measurements and comparisons on the spot so that you can compare the difference ‘before and after’ on the basis of surface simulations.


Normally you have can achieve the desired result with an area of ​​a few square meters.


Therefore choose an aesthetic and functional moss wall to eliminate all your noise problems so that not only the eyes but the ears can benefit!

Waarom kiezen voor ons muisstil-mos concept?

An acoustic moss wall many advantages:


As a beautiful wall decoration
Proven absorption coefficient of 1.2
100% sustainable and ecological production process
Easy to assemble yourself
No maintenance or aftercare
Ecological interior application
ASTM-C423 – NRC value from 0.76 to 0.96
Due to their treatment, all mosses are B1 certified
Anti-allergenic and dust-repellent
Lifetime warranty under normal use (do not touch)
Acoustics in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 11654: 0.52 – 0.650
Noise measurements possible on the spot